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STORRS, SIR RONALD - Signed Photograph of T.E. Lawrence’s Close Friend
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STORRS, SIR RONALD - Signed Photograph of T.E. Lawrence’s Close Friend

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STORRS, SIR RONALD. (1881-1955). British foreign official best known for his governorship of Jerusalem and the British Mandate for Palestine. SP. (“Ronald Storrs”). 1p. Folio. (London), N.d. A lovely formal black-and-white 6” by 8” photograph mounted to a folio-sized sheet by Baker Street photographer James Russell & Sons depicting Storrs in full military decoration. Signed on the lower photographers mount.


Beginning in 1907 and in locations as far flung as Cairo, Cyprus and Rhodesia, Storrs was “involved in major diplomatic affairs and issues… As far as the history of British involvement in Palestine is concerned [he] is best known for his time spent as military governor of Jerusalem, in the wake of [commander of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force Edmund H.H.] Allenby’s conquest of the country in 1917 and then, after the British acceptance of the Mandate, as Governor of Jerusalem and Judea from 1920 to 1926,” (“Sir Ronald Storrs and Zion: The Dream the Turned into a Nightmare,” Middle Eastern Studies, Miller). Upon arriving in Jerusalem, Storrs met “an intelligence official named Thomas Edward Lawrence - Lawrence of Arabia - whose legend would be created in no small part by his close friend, Storrs,” (“Discerning Conqueror,” Haaretz, Karpel). Storrs was one of the six pallbearers at Lawrence’s funeral in 1935.


During his two terms in what would later become Israel, Storrs was more than an able administrator. He learned Hebrew, relieved famine, cracked down on prostitution, fostered the arts, and was deeply involved in urban planning. However, his attempts to protect Jerusalem’s Muslim inhabitants from the encroachment of Zionist settlers earned him the enmity of the press. While governor of Jerusalem and Judea, he remarked, “‘I had to endure such a tempest of vituperation in the Palestine and World Hebrew Press that I am still unable to understand how I did not emerge from it an anti-Semite for life…’ immediately following Israel’s establishment as an independent country he wrote a newspaper article about ‘the dream that turned into a nightmare,’” (ibid.).


With some very minor silvering along the edges; photographer’s stamp on the verso and in very good condition. Uncommon.


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