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PERON, JUAN - A New Year's greeting from the dictator
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PERON, JUAN - A New Year's greeting from the dictator

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PERON, JUAN. (1895-1974). Argentinian politician. Third person TLS, signed in the text. (“Juan Perón”). 1p. 8vo. Buenos Aires, January 22, 1951. On his blind embossed stationery. To Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Tilman. In Spanish with translation.


General Juan Perón [here is where Peron has written his name] greets with distinguished consideration Doctor and Mrs. Stanley Tilman, and thanks them very sincerely for the kind greeting that they have had the goodness to send on account of the New Year, and takes advantage of the opportunity to communicate his most sincere desires for your prosperity and personal happiness.-  Buenos Aires, 22 of January, 1951.


Twentieth-century Argentina’s leading political figure, Peron ruled with ruthless determination and drive. By 1944, he had become the most powerful member of President Edelmira J. Farrell’s new, right-wing military junta, and two years later was himself elected president on a platform of labor and social reform. “His program, known as Peronismo, blended economic nationalism with private ownership in a totalitarian framework reminiscent of German Nazism and Italian fascism” and proved extremely successful, (Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia). But economic reversals, the death of his popular and politically astute wife, Evita, and the withdrawal of ecclesiastical and military support resulted in his overthrow in September 1955. Peron, however, continued to lead the movement from exile in Spain, where he remained until resuming power in 1973, just one year before his death.


Written on stationery headed by the embossed coat of arms of Argentina adopted in 1944, comprised of a laurel wreath surrounding two shaking hands, a pike and a Phrygian cap. Above this escutcheon is the Sol de Mayo or Sun of May. With a small staple hole in the upper margin and in very fine condition.



Item #1843


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