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CHAMBERLIN, CLARENCE - Signed photograph of the American aviator
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CHAMBERLIN, CLARENCE - Signed photograph of the American aviator

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CHAMBERLIN, CLARENCE. (1893-1976). American aviator. SP. (“Clarence D. Chamberlin”). 1p. 12mo. N.p., N.d. An informal black-and-white photograph of Chamberlin standing outside with a car and house in the background, darkly signed in the lower portion of the image.


In 1919, French-born American restaurateur Raymond Orteig offered $25,000 to anyone completing a solo nonstop flight from New York to Paris or vice versa, renewing his offer seven years later. Chamberlin was among those who took up the challenge, joining the ranks of naval commander and arctic explorer Richard Byrd and aviator Charles Lindbergh, who famously won the competition when he landed at Paris’ Le Bourget Airport on May 21, 1927. 


Chamberlin had already set several aviation records. With Bert Acosta he set an endurance record in April 1927 and Chamberlin might well have beaten Lindbergh to the Orteig prize had it not been for a legal injunction against the owner of his plane, which delayed its departure. Upon hearing of Lindbergh’s arrival in Paris, Chamberlin instead decided to attempt to set a distance record, and he made a non-stop flight from Roosevelt Field to Eisleben, Germany, in his Bellanca monoplane Columbia. This flight was the second non-stop transatlantic flight and the first to carry a passenger.


After establishing a reputation as one of the world’s greatest aviators, Chamberlin turned to airplane production, manufacturing the Chamberlin Eight-Seater and greatly assisting the war effort by training aircraft factory workers during World War II.


Near fine.



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