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HARVARD UNIVERSITY AUTOGRAPH ALBUM - What Was Going on At Harvard on November 30, 1877?
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HARVARD UNIVERSITY AUTOGRAPH ALBUM - What Was Going on At Harvard on November 30, 1877?

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HARVARD UNIVERSITY AUTOGRAPH ALBUM. A brown leather autograph book with ornate gold-embossed decoration on the front cover and gilt-edges pages containing signatures of some of Harvard University’s luminaries during the 1870s, including several leading members of the Transcendentalist Movement. Three have dated their signatures on November 30, 1877. Oblong 8vo.


HEDGE, FREDERIC HENRY. (1805-1890). American Unitarian minister, Harvard professor and founder of the Transcendental Club, which gave rise to Transcendentalism. “So much faith so much inspiration. Frederick H. Hedge


ELIOT, CHARLES WILLIAM. (1834-1926). President of Harvard 1869-1909, the youngest president in its history who led it to become the premier university in the United States. “Charles M. Eliot Harvard University 1877


PEABODY, ANDREW PRESTON. (1811-1893). Clergyman and Harvard professor 1860 to 1881. “A.P. Peabody Nov. 30, 1877


LONGFELLOW, HENRY W.(1807-1882). American poet and Harvard professor; author of Evangeline, The Song of Hiawatha and other American classics. A verse quoted from his “A Psalm of Life” (1838). “Life is real! Life is earnest! / And the grave is not its goal / Dust thou art, to dust returnest / Was not spoken of the soul! Henry W. Longfellow Nov. 30, 1877


HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN. (1837-1920). American writer and critic dubbed “the dean of American letters;” editor of The Atlantic Monthly. W.D. Howells Cambridge, Nov. 30, 1877


DEVENS, CHARLES, JR. (1820-1891). Harvard-educated attorney, Massachusetts politician and attorney general from 1877-1881 under Rutherford B. Hayes. “Chas. Devens Atty Gen U.S.


HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL. (1809-1894). American man of letters; graduate and teacher at Harvard and author of the poems, The Chambered Nautilus and The Deacon’s Masterpiece or, The Wonderful One Hoss Shay. “Oliver Wendell Holmes Boston Dec. 24th, 1877


EMERSON, RALPH WALDO. (1803-1882). American essayist and poet; the leading figure in the Transcendentalist movement; graduate of Harvard Divinity School. “R. Waldo Emerson Concord, 10 January ‘78


HOWARD, O. O. (1830-1909). American Civil War general and founder of Howard University. “O.O. Howard Brig. Gen. U.S.A. March 24th, 1878


SIMS, ADMIRAL WILLIAM S. (1858-1936). Pulitzer Prize winning historian and U.S. Navy Admiral during WWI. “Wm. S. Sims, Admiral US Navy, Nov. 17, 1932


PEREGRINE F. M. FELLOWES. (1883-1955). Air Commodore in the RAF and co-author of a book about the first flight over Everest in April 1933. “Peregrine F. M. Fellowes, Air Commodore R.A.F.. Dec. 3rd, 34


PUSEY, NATHAN MARSH. (1907-2001). Harvard president 1953-1971 whose reforms in admissions led to the admission of a more diverse student body but whose response to student protests during the Vietnam War earned him criticism. Cut signature: “Nathan M. Pusey.


FIELDS, JAMES THOMAS. (1817-1881). American poet, lecturer and editor; proprietor with William Ticknor of the publishing firm Ticknor and Fields which published the works of Charles Dickens, William Makepeace Thackeray, Nathanial Hawthorne, Herman Melville, and William Wadsworth. “Cordially yours James T. Fields Dec. 1877


LONGFELLOW, SAMUEL. (1819–1892). Harvard-educated Unitarian clergyman and hymn writer, brother and biographer of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Two cut signatures: “Very truly yours, Saml. Longfellow”


Longfellow became a professor of languages and belles-lettres at Harvard in 1835, residing in Cambridge’s historic Craigie House. His duties at Harvard were intense and time-consuming, “but he went much into society, a jaunty figure immaculately clad; and he made many friends… To his Craigie House came distinguished visitors year after year – Froude, Trollope, Kingsley, Dean Stanley, Lord and Lady Dufferin, Salvini, Ole Bull, the Emperor of Brazil and many others,” (DAB).Included in Longfellow’s circle were transcendentalist writer Ralph Waldo Emerson, who resided in the nearby literary enclave of Concord; his brother Samuel, who lived with him at Craigie house for a time; Oliver Wendell Holmes; and William Dean Howells, a member of Longfellow’s “Dante Club” that spent several years translating the Divine Comedy.


One page bears an unidentified tipped-in signature and the remainder are blank. Covers are rubbed and edges bumped. Artfully re-backed and the inner front and rear hinges have been reinforced. Traces from cellophane tape on several pages of the cut signatures. In lovely condition.



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