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PISSARRO, CAMILLE - Pissarro looks for a 'homeopathic oculist'
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PISSARRO, CAMILLE - Pissarro looks for a 'homeopathic oculist'

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PISSARRO, CAMILLE.(1830-1903). French Impressionist painter known for his pointillist technique and dubbed the “Father” of Impressionism. ALS. (“C. Pissarro”). 1p. 8vo. Chatillon, June 24, 1898. To a doctor. In French with translation.


“Would you be kind enough to write me a few words to give me the address of a homeopathic oculist in Macon, Dijon or Lyon, if you know of any? Having to travel in those areas when needed, I could get treatment without having to return to Paris. I leave tomorrow for Grancey where I intend to stay two or three days; by return mail I will have time to receive your letter. Here is my address IIIe C.P in Grancey-sur-Ource, Cote d'Or. Thank you, dear Doctor, believe me your very devoted C. Pissarro”


Along with Renoir, Monet, Degas, and Sisley, Pissarro helped form the group, later called Impressionists, remembered for revolutionizing the nature of Western art. Reacting to the consistent rejection of their work by the Salon of the French Academy, the painters undertook to boycott the institution. At the group’s first exhibition in 1874, Monet’s famous Impression: Sunrise was on view, earning its members the appellation “Impressionists.” They embraced the term as representing their collective aim to capture their own impressions of images, eschewing the aesthetics and techniques of traditional art. From the eight shows staged by the group, Pissarro is the only artist to have exhibited in all of them. As late as 1890 he still led an impoverished existence, but by 1892 Pissarro had become well known and financially successful.


“In the last years of his life, Pissarro experienced eye trouble, which forced him to abandon outdoor painting,” (“Camille Pissarro,” www.guggenheim.org). The affliction forced him to leave his home in the countryside and go to Paris for frequent treatment. During his travels he would take rooms on upper floors of hotels so he could paint from his window, which led to an increase in urban scenes. Our letter regards his attempt to find treatment closer to home and mentions Grancey-sur-Ource, his wife’s hometown, a subject occasionally depicted by Pissarro.


Written in Pissarro’s characteristic hand. Folded into quarters. Pin holes in the upper left corner and a small tear along the lower edge, affecting no text. Marginally trimmed, but in very good condition.


"Le Pont de Grancey-sur-Ource"


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