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KENNEDY, ROBERT F. - “The President, as you know, has been extremely concerned about the number of school dropouts”
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KENNEDY, ROBERT F. - “The President, as you know, has been extremely concerned about the number of school dropouts”

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KENNEDY, ROBERT F. (1925-1968). American politician and brother of President John F. Kennedy; assassinated while campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination. TLS. (“Robert Kennedy”). 1p. 4to. Washington, August 2, 1963. On his attorney general letterhead. To artist, human rights activist and writer DOROTHY KURGANS GOLDBERG (1909-1988), wife of President Kennedy’s Secretary of Labor Arthur J. Goldberg (1908-1990).


“I would very much appreciate your meeting with me and a group of community leaders in my office at 5 o’clock on Thursday, August 8, to discuss a problem of importance to this community and to the country. The President, as you know, has been extremely concerned about the number of school dropouts. As many as seven and a half million teenagers may fail to complete their secondary education during the 1960’s. Much has been written about this problem – both nationally and locally – and it is our feeling that the time has come to take constructive action. I would like to have the benefit of your views, and to offer some suggestions of our own for a specific action program. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday…”


After working as a lawyer for the U.S. Department of Justice, managing his brother, John’s, 1952 Senate campaign and serving as assistant counsel for the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations in 1953, Kennedy rose to the position of chief counsel when the Democrats gained a majority in 1955. His reputation as a prosecutor solidified when serving as chief counsel on the Senate Labor Rackets Committee from 1957-59. These experiences helped qualify him for the post of attorney general to which his brother appointed him after his 1960 presidential victory, making him the first sibling in history to serve in his brother’s cabinet. As attorney general, Robert Kennedy continued to fight organized crime and corruption as well as segregation and poverty. In February 1963, President Kennedy delivered a “Special Message to the Congress on the Nation’s Youth” stating that “Unemployment among young workers today is two and one-half times the national average, and even higher among minority groups and those unable to complete their high school education.”Congressional hearings were held on the problem and Robert Kennedy testified before the House Education and Labor Committee regarding the Youth Unemployment Act and the relationship between the increased unemployment rate and increased high school attrition. He continued to fight poverty and supported opportunities for the disenfranchised as senator from New York. Shortly after launching his own presidential bid he was assassinated on the campaign trail in California in 1968 by Palestinian-American Sirhan Bishara Sirhan.


Dorothy Goldberg was an artist, proponent of the arts and author of The Creative Woman and A Private View of Public Life. “After her husband’s appointment as Secretary of Labor in the Kennedy Administration, Mrs. Goldberg organized Widening Horizons, a program to assist poor people seeking employment. She also organized Friends of the Juvenile Court, an organization to combat juvenile delinquency,” (“Dorothy Kurgans Goldberg, 79; Artist, Writer and Rights Figure,” The New York Times). After a brief stint on the Supreme Court, Arthur Goldberg became U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and Dorothy served as a United States delegate to the Belgrade Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe and worked for international human rights.


Folded with some creasing and age toning with a large signature. Elegantly matted and framed with a black-and-white portrait of Kennedy. Not examined out of the frame.


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