Buying & Selling Autographs

Buying & Selling Autographs


Our Guarantee of Authenticity

At Lion Heart Autographs, every autograph we sell is unconditionally guaranteed authentic without time limit to the original purchaser.

Additionally, we provide our customers with three more guarantees:

  • Our prices are competitive;
  • You will receive prompt and courteous service;
  • You will be satisfied with your purchase or your money back!


Terms of Sale

Payment: New customers may be asked to pay for their purchases in advance. Current clients are generally billed at net 30 days. Autographs are sent out on 3-day approval and, for refund purposes, must be returned in the same condition they were sent. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner's Club, debit cards, PayPal, wire transfers, U.S. money orders, and checks drawn on American banks.

Sales Tax: New York State residents are charged 8.875% sales tax.

Shipping: Shipping, handling, and insurance costs are waived for purchases of unframed autographs totaling more than $500 that are paid by credit card or PayPal and delivered within the continental United States. Framed, heavy or large packages as well as international deliveries will be shipped at the buyer’s expense. All orders are sent via FedEx unless otherwise requested. Please note that FedEx cannot deliver to post office boxes.

To Order: Please contact us by phone 646.462.4885, fax 212.779.7066, or email us to place your order or make an inquiry. We look forward to assisting you.


Want Lists

Send us your want list! We would love to know what you collect so we can offer you material you are seeking as soon as it comes in. Please be as specific as possible. For example, instead of asking for "Civil War material," let us know if you are looking for letters by specific generals, reports from the battlefield, CDV photographs, Civil War naval history, etc. 



One day you might decide to sell all or part of your autograph collection. There are three options available to youeach with its advantages and disadvantages:


1. You Can Sell to a Collector: The most difficult option is selling to a collector. Why? Because it is unlikely you will find someone who wants exactly what you own. Even if you found such a person, are you aware of your collection’s current value? Is the collector willing to pay a fair price? Can you provide the guarantees he or she might require? Are there other collectors who would pay more?


2. You Can Sell Through an Auction: Selling at auction has the advantage of drawing from a large pool of potential buyers, but because of scheduling, it is unlikely that an auctioneer can offer your material for sale the moment you wish to dispose of it. The next sale might be many months away, and there is often a delay from between four to six weeks after the auction closes until you are paid. Collectors should be aware that an auction house is obliged to pay the consignor only if and when it has been paid in full by the successful bidder: if they have not been paid, you will not be paid. In addition, unless you establish a price below which your autograph cannot be sold (the “reserve”), you risk selling at a price much less than what you expected; you may also have to pay a fee for any unsold items protected with a reserve, and be charged fees to cover insurance, storage and catalogue illustrations. For the convenience of the auction house, your autographs may also be grouped into lots instead of receiving the full attention each item deserves. Finally, remember that auctions are conducted at a single moment in time; potential buyers need to be ready and willing to bid at the moment the auction occurs.


3. You Can Sell Through a Dealer: Selling to a dealer has a number of advantages. You can state the price you want (or expect a fair offer) and a decision will be made immediately. You will be paid right away and the dealer will assume the responsibility of authentication. There are no additional fees or obligations on your part. In addition, a dealer can act as your agent: he or she will discuss your financial expectations, to whom you want your manuscripts offered, and perhaps produce a catalogue highlighting your collection. (Lion Heart has performed this service on several occasions.) Lion Heart Autographs also sells on consignment, much like an auction, but with no additional fees, and often at a lower commission rate than an auction house charges, and YOU are in control. A price is mutually agreed upon, a longer time frame for selling allows us to find the best client, and there are no hidden costs or other “buy back” fees in case a buyer is not located. Although selling to a dealer gives you the most flexibility, remember your autographs must be re-sold, therefore a dealer will pay a percentage of the retail value. Lion Heart Autographs always advises clients on the most practical and profitable methods of selling their autographs.

We actively purchase autographs—from entire collections to a cut signature. Our areas of interest are prominent personalities (both domestic and international) from the fields  of art, history, literature, music, and science. We do not purchase Hollywood or television entertainers, contemporary music, sports stars, or Nazi autographs.

If you are considering selling your autographs, please contact us at 646.462.4885. You may also fax us at 212.779.7066 or email us.

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