Endorsements from Satisfied Customers

"I want to thank you for assisting us with the sale of our Kennedy speech notes. We were so fortunate to have dealt with such a knowledgeable and professional person. You made our experience the very best it could have been and we are so grateful." L. O'Grady


"I normally order from other vendors, but after a 6-star performance from Lion Heart, this is my new favourite autograph supplier. What service and kindness all rolled into one package! Also, I received my amazingly well packaged 18th century document within 2 days of ordering it. Thanks team!!!!" John W., Honolulu, HI


"The merchandise is exactly as described. I believe the prices to be fair and reasonable. The shipping is very fast and the staff remarkably pleasant and helpful, both online and on the telephone. I've purchased several items from Lion Heart and am confident of the authenticity of the pieces and I continue to shop for more items to add to my collection." RD U., Tobaccoville, NC


"Have made several purchases from Lion Heart Autographs and have found the experience very gratifying.  Prices are fair, reasonable, and competitive with the market.  Staff has been extremely helpful and patient as I have labored through the to buy or not to buy process, even researching some of the questions I have had and providing me with answers. The item's authenticity cannot be questioned.  This is a company I completely trust and would highly recommend it to anybody looking for historical autographs.  I only intended to purchase one item but have since purchased more.  Just a great company to deal with. JLH" Jim H. Aptos, CA


"Could not have been better, with friendly, efficient and courteous service. Very highly recommended." Geoffrey E. London, UK


"Just a quick note to let you how delighted I was with the autographs I received from Lion Heart... The items are gorgeous – in excellent condition and unusual in character. I have bought quite a number of autographed photos over the last 20 years, and these rank at the highest level in terms of condition/quality... In short, I will definitely keep reviewing your website and will be most happy to be a return customer. It doesn’t get any better than this..." R. Cohen


“The catalogues of Lion Heart Autographs Inc. are themselves collectors’ items. The descriptions of all autographs are done painstakingly and in great detail following the necessary research. Each catalogue is a ‘good read,’ and there is much history to be culled from them.” H. K. Thompson, Hornell, NY


“Lion Heart Autographs Inc. has provided me with a professional, knowledgeable service and has enabled me to build my collection in the directions that I envisioned. I have thoroughly enjoyed my dealings with the company, and, in my opinion, Lion Heart Autographs Inc. represents the best of the Autograph and Historical Document industry.” G. Morgan, Baltimore, MD


“I receive many catalogs of autograph dealers each week. Some are for beginners, some for advanced, and some are specialized. Then there is the Lion Heart Autographs catalog. Almost every item is something new. The descriptions are detailed and well researched. And above all, the prices are reasonable. When it arrives, I drop everything that I was doing so that I can read it over from cover to cover... so that I can be the first to order any hidden treasures that I can find. Reading it is like a breath of fresh air!!” D. Karpeles, Santa Barbara, CA


“LHA are professionals - knowledgeable, imaginative, meticulous, thorough, fair and fun to deal with.” T. Cohn, New York, NY


“As a collector of historical African-American and Haitian art, letters, books and documents – a very specific and rather exclusive domain – I have been impressed with Lion Heart Autographs, Inc. and staff in their ability to find and offer unusual and significant items in my field of interest. I have been equally impressed with the level of professionalism with which they have researched the material they have located.” W. Evans, Detroit, MI


“You have always proven to be more than helpful and you have always made me feel as though you [are] my personal curator for my collection. If I happen to miss a piece you have always assisted me in finding something that is of equal or more surprising character.” J. L. Tweed, Seaside Park, NJ


Comments on Our 25th Anniversary Catalogue

“Impressive in the extreme” and a “remarkable achievement,” The Book Collector Autumn 2004
“Phenomenal catalogue - a standard-setter.” J. Camner, Pennington, NJ
“Your twenty-fifth [anniversary] catalogue is absolutely stunning – the research impeccable; the prose, crisp; & the overall presentation, a bright, new standard in the field…” Randy Weinstein, North Star Rare Books & Manuscripts, Great Barrington, MA
“Your new catalogue has left me absolutely overwhelmed. It has to be the most sumptuous and adventuresome autograph catalogue ever issued. Beautifully done, congratulations!” G. Benko, Hensonville, NY
“Breathtaking” H. Kass, Annapolis, MD
“I just wanted to congratulate you on your catalogue It was absolutely a wonderful, wonderful catalog... It is absolutely spectacular and you should be proud of it… It is the by far the most remarkable catalog I’ve ever seen bar none. It’s fantastic and congratulations.” S. Thomas,Bayshore, NY
“Gorgeous” T. Cohn, New York, NY
“I just wanted to compliment your new spectacular catalogue – I’ve never ever seen one like it. When I showed it to my wife she responded, ‘His catalogues have always been works of art!’ How true…” D. Franklin, Young Harris, GA
“Your catalog is fantastic.” D. Sanders, Evanston, IL
“Your Stately and Picturesque Procession book is spectacular. You are to be congratulated. This is just a truly, truly wonderful example of the type of autographs and work you do and you are to be congratulated. This is just magnificent.” R. Saffro, Highland Park, IL
“I think your catalogue was exquisite.” S. Berez, Los Angeles, CA
“I wanted to write to you to thank you for the wonderful catalog that you were nice enough to send me.  I have been the grateful recipient of your catalogs for nearly ten years now and have always enjoyed dealing with you and your great staff.  Thank you again.” R. Icenhauer-Ramirez, Austin, TX
“Congratulations on what I believe is a first in bookselling and autograph dealing – the catalogue and CD combo.  Also the design and production excellence of the catalogue exceeds even your previous superlative standards. Sincerely,” J. Norman, Novato, CA
“It finally came, and what a beautiful thing it is...It is obvious that you put it together with love and great respect for the letters, and what they convey and represent.  The CD, which I’ve not heard all the way through yet, is absolutely a work from the heart… and what a masterpiece it is so far… So all around, mazel tov’s to you and all of the others who have participated in your project for the great work that resulted.” S. Replin, Denver, CO
“Thanks a lot for the beautiful Audio CD, I listened with great pleasure! The end with Satchmo is wonderful. Congratulation for Your 25th anniversary and good luck for your future!” R. Kupper, Basel, Switzerland
“It’s a spectacular catalogue!” P. Scott, Thomas Cooper Library, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
“WOW! It arrived today. Wonderful! I take it home to read it tonight. Congratulations.” T. Bodin, Les Autographes, Paris, France
“Your latest volume was a wondrous thing… you have created a most beautiful and exciting ‘art form’ and the delight, and pleasure we will receive from it is endless. I am reading and RE-reading it and think of you endlessly while doing so and when it is not in hand, as well… What a superb collection of people is represented in your perfect catalogue.” A. Coleman, New York, NY
“What a handsome gift I have just received from you… the limited edition 25th anniversary catalogue full of autographs treasures! Beautifully designed and executed, it joins other very special editions from your hand in my library. Thank you. Cordially…” B. Lende, Loma Linda, CA
“Wow! What a catalogue. I haven’t even started to read it but I’m so impressed.” I. Ungar, Burlingame, CA
“Thanks for your great catalogue that I have now received. A superb work! Congratulations.” T. Kotte, Stuttgart, Germany
“Wonderful! Your 25th Anniversary CD is an audio delight… Autographs and manuscripts are not only your livelihood they are your passion and you obviously love what you do. I would have even forgiven a certain haughtiness that could have easily crept in to the narration.  After all you are presenting the crème de le crème of autographs and manuscripts. Instead you offer us all a beautiful insight into how holographic items can relate to one another and invite us to think outside the usual collecting box. I can’t wait to see the catalog and play the CD again.” G. Watt, Chicago,IL
“Many thanks for sending the above. I listened to it with great interest. You have accomplished a great deal since founding Lion Heart Autographs so many years ago!” A. Tissot Demidoff, Binfield, England
“Dear Mr. Lowenherz: I very much enjoyed both the originality of your conception and the content of your 25th anniversary CD and much appreciated receiving it…Very best wishes for the next quarter century!” J. Behrens, Toronto, Canada
“…thank you, David, for the wonderful CD you sent me. I am several ‘tracks’ into it and will enjoy it over lunch in the coming days. I want to say that Lion Heart Autographs has always in my book been known as a high quality establishment with high quality material and a high quality proprietor. Thank you again and my sincere congratulations.” S. Peterson
“Thanks so much for sending me your beautiful catalogue. It is really a special one – and I know the time and effort something like this takes! You should know it is appreciated.” P. Juvelis, Cambridge, MA
“Congratulations on yr. 25th – and the magnificent catalogue with inspired CD!” C. Rothkopf, Summit, NJ
“Thank you for sending me your milestone catalogue! I have kept all of your catalogues; this one is the finest of all. I send you, your family, and your staff all best wishes for the future.” M. Moldenhauer, Spokane, WA
“…Your catalogue is a magnificent showpiece, and the source of much pleasure for me, as I am certain for your other clients and friends. Clearly, you poured yourself completely into this wonderful souvenir. Much credit is due also to your collaboration with Heather on making the narratives such morsels to delight during the night – when I read and re-read this treasure. The CD is truly innovative and a splendid marriage to the catalogue. I have played it several times in my car and it has taken away much of the mind-numbing day to day trek to the office. The actor who does the voices is a hoot! As Epictetus said ‘Nothing great is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen.’ And this catalogue is one juicy fruit.” A. Siemientkowski, Princeton, NJ
“What an amazing job David et al did on the special catalog and CD. Listening to the CD has been fascinating – and the catalog was brilliant.” J. Cross, Vienna, VA
“This catalogue of available material is probably the classiest presentation of its kind that I have seen in my years of collecting. You definitely have something here to be proud of.” C. Przyborowski, River Forest, IL

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